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For over 50 years Calvary Baptist Church has been sharing the greatest love story ever...that God, who is holy, righteous and just, knows you and loves you.  He knows that sin's impact can put you in a moral and spiritual downward spiral that can leave you eternally separated from Him.  The Bible tells us that God demonstrated His love for us by sending His Son Jesus to die on a hill called Calvary just outside the city gates of Jerusalem.  The hardest question for people to wrap their minds around is, "Why would Jesus have to die for me?"  When Jesus died He took upon himself the punishment for all of your sin.  God is dying to intersect your story with His love story so that you will have life not only abundant but also eternal.  Come discover how your story can intersect with His greatest love story. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Calvary Baptist Church?

We are located in Greenwood, Indiana on US 31.  For directions to our church, click here.

What time are your worship services?

We currently have 2 worship services on Sunday Mornings (10:30am and 10:20am).  We also have a Sunday Evening Service at 6:00pm and a weeknight service on Wednesdays at 6:00pm. For more details on each service, click here.

How should I dress for church on Sunday?

There really is no dress code for church.  On any given Sunday you will find some people dressed casually in jeans and others a little more dressed up.  We encourage you to come as you feel most comfortable.  Our focus is not on how we dress, but on Who we come to worship.

Can my kids come with me?

Absolutely!  We have children's and youth programs happening on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for all ages.  Your children will love being a part of these ministries.  Every worker is background checked and trained to teach and encourage youth and children through age appropriate activities and lessons.  Click here for more information on our Youth MinistryChildren's Ministry, or Preschool Ministry.

What are your services like?

For Sunday Morning we currently have a Bible Study at 9:00 a.m. and a Traditional Worship Service on at 10:30 a.m. 

Sunday and Wednesday Nights we have a Prayer and Worship Service at 6 p.m.

For detail on the services, click here.  To listen to sermons online and get a glimpse of the teaching style at Calvary, click here.

Will I be asked to give money?

No.  Giving is an act of worship for believers.  We will have a time of offering during the worship service where you are welcome to give, but not expected to.

How can I get involved in the church?

There are multiple ways you can get involved in the life of Calvary Baptist Church!  One of the best ways is to join a small group or Sunday Bible study class.  We also have multiple ministries for all ages.  For a list of all ministries at Calvary, see the Ministries section of this website.

How do I become a member?

Anyone is welcome to attend Calvary's worship services, but we recognize that some will desire to be more committed than just attending.  Membership at Calvary is a way you can identify with the church and commit to serve and be a part of this community of believers.  

What exactly do you believe?

Calvary is a Southern Baptist affiliated church.  Click here to view our statement of beliefs.