DNOW 2018

Dates: Feb. 23-25

Drop off: 6:00pm Friday
Pick up: After Church Sunday (12:00pm)
Cost: $35.00

 DNOW stands for Disciple Now which is an in-town weekend retreat for middle school and high school students (6th-12th grade). It is a high energy, fun weekend where students will have a blast with their friends, while also spending time worshiping and growing spiritually with them.

The purpose of DNOW is three fold. It is to be a weekend where students are able to slow down and reflect on their relationship with Jesus, allowing them to make decisions to grow in their walk with Jesus. The second purpose is for students to deepen their relationships with their friends. Friendships are built on positive shared experiences and DNOW is aimed to be just that. Lastly, DNOW is to be a place where students also grow spiritually with their friends. We want students to grow personally in their walk with Jesus, but we also want them to grow spiritually with their friends so that they can be a source of biblical community for them. Now all of this makes DNOW sound serious and it is, but this all takes place among a fun time with friends. 


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