Student Ministry



Student ministry at Calvary Baptist Church is an exciting and powerful ministry that seeks to help students know Christ, helping them own their faith, and teaching them to make their faith known so that when they're facing life changes, the one thing that won't change is their faith. 

Our student ministry seeks to offer a balanced approach to ministry that emphasizes a personal relationship with God and practical involvement in ministry and missions. Our ministry is built on the five New Testament functions of the church: Worship, Evangelism, Ministry, Discipleship and Fellowship. Student Ministry Activities and programs are built around these purposes and designed to help students establish and grow in a meaningful relationship with Christ and other Christians and to share their faith with others.

We look forward to ministering to students in the Greenwood area, and encourage you to attend our student activities, ask our volunteers questions and to send your students to Calvary’s student ministry.

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*Summer Camps

Sunday School

Today’s students are seeking meaningful relationships with real people and a real God. Students don’t simply want to be told about God and the Bible, they want to truly experience Him, and the reality of His truth in their lives.  Every Sunday morning our Student Sunday School meets to help students understand life from God's perspective. Our leaders are committed to helping students build true and meaningful relationships with God, other students, and with adults who love students.

Sunday School gives students a safe place to come and ask hard questions about life and to find real answers. We are devoted to helping students find God through His Word and then to begin living a life for His Glory. 

Ministry and Missions

Calvary’s Student Ministry seeks to provide students with opportunities to serve one-another and our community and world. We are committed to the mandate to share the good news of Christ and to the command to love our neighbor. Mission trips, local mission and ministry projects and a corporate care ministry are just a few of the opportunities that students have to share the love of Christ and make a difference for His kingdom. We believe the opportunities and experiences they receive in this area as students will translate into a life-long commitment to ministry and missions for the Kingdom of God.


Relationships are important to all people, but especially to students. Studies show that the most influential people in a student’s life are their parents and their friends. Our student ministry leaders and volunteers are here to help and encourage our students to grow as Christians and develop into mature and active believers. Part of that encouragement comes through meaningful friendships/relationships and the ministry that takes place between students and our adult leaders.

Student ministry volunteers at Calvary have a passionate love for God and for students. Their desire is to invest their time and their lives in students and to help them grow and literally become and world changer for the cause of Christ.. We are always looking for additional adults to serve and work with our students. If you are interested in volunteering, contact our church office to set up an interview


“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and with people."

Luke 2:52 (HCSB)